Of all genius simply! It is not needed to execute tasks; it is not needed to read letters; it is not needed to write texts; it is not needed to litter the account in a social network. It is needed simply to look over advertisement banners that come on your gadget or computer through our program. There is possibility to earn attracting in the project of advertisers (your 10% from an advertisement budget) or advertise the projects.

Our advantages:
+ more 7th millions of participants;
+ more than 1000 000 dollars are paid;
+ does not require the expenses of time and facilities;
+ our program does everything for you;
+ simple clear and informing interface;
+ our програмное providing is absolutely safe;
+ our server is in England;
+ payments in the dollars of the USA on a mobile telephone, webmoney, paypal, master, visa;
+ 7th level реферальная system;
+ auction (possibility to buy active, motivated partners);
+ bonus for the novices of 5$;
+ adequate and operative those. support;
+ a project constantly develops and improves.


All that needs to be done:
1)to register oneself
2)to set program to itself on PC, Android, or IOS in the division of loading
3) authorized in the program, whereupon you will get advertisement content, it is ordinary illumination with a picture that appears after deblocking of your device.

After viewing facilities are included on Your balance. Whereupon destroy them on a telephone, Webmoney, PayPal, or card of Visa/Mastercard.

All on the whole elementaryly!